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International RiverFoundation

International RiverFoundation

Brisbane, Australia
About International RiverFoundation
Water is crucial for all life—and we need healthy rivers, lakes and wetlands for sustainable development. We promote and support effective management of these resources by facilitating knowledge sharing, education and best practice river basin management, and by recognising and rewarding those making a difference. Our Goals To recognise, reward and replicate exceptional efforts in the protection, restoration and sustainable management of the world’s rivers, To facilitate global knowledge sharing in sustainable, integrated river basin management, To raise awareness of environmental, economic, scientific, social and cultural aspects of rivers, To facilitate multi-sector partnerships and alliances that further global action to protect and revive rivers, and To empower and support individuals to make a positive contribution for the world’s river basins. We draw upon our large networks, and seek to build new ones, to revive the world’s rivers through multi-sector partnerships around the world. We are committed to supporting positive ecological, economic and social outcomes through our programs, which aim to change the lives of individuals and communities.

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Rivers connect people and places, inspiring and enabling diverse cultural beliefs, social values and economies. We desire rivers to be healthy, to support lifestyles and ultimately to be resilient. But, most of our world’s rivers are fragmented and degraded, some of which are already in a state of crisis and continuing to decline. Global change continues to put pressure on these critical resources, threatening not only water security, but also our food security, livelihoods and lifestyles.

Funds from the Save Our Rivers Ball will contribute to putting a stop to this rapid decline by implementing the Resilient Rivers Blueprint in a developing country. This innovative resilience framework will see tangible changes in the way the river basin is managed, setting the river on a journey towards resilience and ensuring the river is sustainable, vibrant and healthy for future generations.
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#23rd International Riversymposium
23rd International Riversymposium
#23rd International Riversymposium