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Australian Water Partnership

Australian Water Partnership

Canberra, Australia
About Australian Water Partnership
The Australian Water Partnership is an international cooperation initiative helping developing countries primarily in the Indo-Pacific region to enhance sustainable management of their water resources, while actively supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

We enable this by facilitating collaboration between governments, international water agencies and organisations, and our partner network of more than 200 Australian public and private organisations to share Australia’s water sector expertise internationally. 

We are proud to support and participate in the 23rd International Riversymposium by drawing attention to innovative Australian approaches to managing water scarcity and gender equality, disability and social inclusion through the Learn-Inspire-Transform and Diversity in Water sessions.

The Australian Water Partnership is supported by the Australian Government and managed by eWater Ltd.

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BasinGuide is a practical reference for undertaking river basin planning based on Australia’s experience in managing water scarcity. This guide presents seven iterative stages for managing water resources by collaboratively establishing plans and governance arrangements to distribute water resources, resolve water disputes, improve water quality, meet energy needs, mitigate floods and adapt to climate change. BasinGuide is intended to be used at a range of levels of government, from Ministerial to officers designing and implementing policy, as well as at provincial, regional, state and national levels. This guide is also intended to support non-government organisations, community, and stakeholder groups who are integral to achieving successful river basin planning outcomes.
The first waterway health report card was released 20 years ago in south-east Queensland, Australia. This knowledge product provides an overview of the how report cards have been developed in Australia since then and outlines the varied objectives, development methodologies, delivery techniques and impact on waterway health that report cards have influenced in Australia. It is intended that this product provides guidance to developing countries in the Indo-Pacific region, and beyond, on how waterway health report cards can assist them in their journey towards sustainable management of water resources and meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
#23rd International Riversymposium
23rd International Riversymposium
#23rd International Riversymposium